How to Boost Your Sales Letter Conversion Rate


Emotion and reason mix very well together to make excellent sales techniques. Expert copywriters, whilewriting their sales copy in a systematic and methodological way, use emotions and emotional triggers all thetime.

The famous Robert Collier must have been a real master of this technique. When I studied some of his letters, I discovered the use of emotional triggers so subtle that you hardly notice them. What a wonderful way ofselling.

Using emotion sales techniques brings results, as the example of Collier may show.

Some people however, consider such methods, especially when emotion is used, as some sort of persuading "art".

It isn't!

Emotion in daily life is the reflection of someone's mental state of existence. Commonly emotions are based onphysical (internal) and social (external) sensory feelings. Pleasure and sadness, delight and disgust, love and hate, bravery and anxiety can all be described in bothphysiological and psychological terms.

Sometimes emotion is considered to be the exact opposite of reason. Indeed, occasionally emotional reactions, often undesired by the individual experiencing them, can't be controlled by reason. But most of the time indaily life this isn't true.

More often than not, passion, emotion, or feeling is backed by logical arguments. Moreover, researcherssuggest that typically there is no thought based "purely" on emotion or "purely" on intellectual logic. Mostcognitions and conclusions are founded on a mixture of both.

That's why emotional sales techniques work.

As Maslow pointed out so perfectly, in order to achieve a higher level on his pyramid you need to have yourlower needs taken care of, at least to a very considerable extent. That's where the fear of loss comes in. Almost always triggered by an emotion, followed by logic and reasonthat tells us that this indeed could happen.

Insurance companies know this. And they use it in their commercials. A perfect example of emotional salestechniques. Another one is used for skin care products: 'Because You Deserve It!'.

You see, we are emotional creatures. We think emotionally, act emotionally and make decisions emotionally.

I can proof that, but I don't want to be flamed, so I'll take my own spouse as an example. If I ask her why she bought that new pair of shoes, she will say, 'I need it!', of course. Sounds familiar?

And how about this famous ad by David Ogilvy:

"At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in this new Rolls Royce comes from the electric clock."

Reading that, wouldn't you want to experience that noise for just once?

So, we are emotional creatures indeed. Yet nobody wants to be thought of as 'emotional' and therefore we use 'logical' arguments to justify ourpurchasing habits.

People buy things they don't need just to satisfy a desire that can't be eliminated any other way and thenjustify their decisions by using logical arguments.

That's why emotion and reason mix very well together to make an excellent sales technique.

If you really use it, I guarantee you will profit from it.


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