Selling White Space


Almost all Internet Marketers have a basic idea of what they want to achieve in their careers. They may want to close more sales and earn a higher income.

The process is quite simple.
They craft a targeted letter with a powerful offer and post it on a web page. However, somehow they do not achieve the success they desire.

Why is it that intelligent, motivated, hard-working individuals are not achieving the success they deserve? It is because they don't know to sell white space.

They pay all attention to sales letter vital elements:

  • The Headline.
    They create a power headline to get the reader's immediate attention and create curiosity.

  • The Body.
    (presentation of products characteristics)They create interest and desire through answering the question "what's in it for me?".

  • The Sub-Headlines.
    A sub-headline is an one line statement containing a powerful benefit of product. Headlines are very important because they make sales letter better structured and charge up the reader.

  • The Irresistible Offer.
    They always offer a strong risk-free guarantee and give a free bonus together with the product.

  • The Invitation to Order.
    Always they finish the sales letter with asking for prospects to order NOW! They do not forget that sales research has shown that over 90% of the sales process is based on having a good rapport with the prospect. They build trust and have the best coverage for the client. They write short and use direct statements that cut right to the heart of the matter, making everything as simple and direct as they possibly can.

    But sometimes they forget to make letter easy to read. Following the desire to offer a full presentation of the product they often put too much inside, line after line. Nothing kills more sales than a full solid page of type and the result is a boring letter that people will not read it.

    The solution is to offer a pleasure to customer's eye using white space accordingly. The easier it is to read your letter or web page the more money you make.

    Don't torture your potential customer. Make you letter as "aired" as you can and you will make the most money just selling white space.


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