Being Politically Correct When Selling Can Cost You Sales


In our culture it is basically un-American for a prospective customer or client to help a sales representative or service industry professional in the selling process, by answering the probing questions required in an effective consultative selling approach. However, many sales trainers, coaches and managers teach that to be "politically correct," polite or to look professional, you must ask permission if you want to probe for information.

Don't believe it!


If you believe you must ask permission to ask questions, you dramatically reduce your ability to access the information needed to consistently close your sales, because most prospects have an inborn resistance to helping you make your sale.

The problem with "asking permission" to ask questions, is based in the same psychology that a person has when approached by a clerk in a retail store who asks, "May I help you?" Even if the customer knows what she wants, and could use the assistance, the question, as suggested in another myth, will often trigger the words, "No thanks I'm just looking."


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