Make Your Prospects Speak


You have to build and permanently grow your knowledge andtechniques. It's not just about putting up a web site, or using a replicated web site and promoting it to free classified ad sites and FFA pages. It is not just about learning by heart your product and telling to your customers all what you know.

The most important part of sales science is to listen.

A serious prospect is one who is interested to get what he needs. By the consequence, having some questions or concerns related to your product, he is really interested to find out if your product fits his needs. He will come to you to tell about his questions and concerns. Be prepared to welcome him in silence, selling is not about talking, it is firstly about listening.

Pay attention to his questions or concerns.
What are his likes and dislikes?
Is he motivated by your product price or he perceives the value ?
How your product fits his desire for status ?
Listen to him is like listen to your market.

When is your turn don't start answering, better ask what he means by every question. Make him speak and listen what key words he uses for explanations. Tailor your answer based on the information you gather and be prepared to reply using these key words to emphasize the image of your product.

This technique requires effort and practice to be able to leverage its full potential, so take the time to study and practice it. Make your prospects speak and their concerns will do all sellingwork for you.


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