Sales Marketing: 10 Explosive Strategies To Amplify Your Sales


Marketing is a skill. Once you master it, you can succeedin promoting any product or services online.

I am going to reveal to you 10 critical ideas thatyou can use immediately to amplify your sales:

1. Make your potential customers forget about thecompetition. Just tell them to forget with a factualand believable reason why they should.

2. Joint venture with your competition if you can'tbeat them. You could agree to work together andbeat the other competition then share the profits.

3. Visit chat rooms were your potential customerswould gather. You can lurk and do market researchor mention your product to people.

4. Make your web site sticky by building a largedirectory of web sites your visitors would enjoy. It saves them precious time searching for them.

5. Start a free-to-join business association fromyour web site. Just ask all members to place yourassociation logo and link on their web site.

6. Make extra revenue for your web site by sellingadvertising space on your web site, in your e-zine, in your free ebooks, on your classified ad site, etc.

7. Switch your marketing plan when your marketdies for your product. Be flexible and redesign yourproduct for a different market.

8. Make your web site worth revisiting. Give yourvisitors original content, free ebooks, informationweb site links, free useful software, etc.

9. Build your opt-in e-mail list using an FFA ( free-for-all links page). People can submit links to yourlinks page and you can send them a thanks e-mail.

10. Reward your customers for giving you productfeedback. It could be discounted products, usefulsoftware, information products, etc.


I-key Benney, CEO

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