How Pareto's Principle Impacts Your Sales Success


Pareto's Principle {the 80/20 rule) is vividly illustrated in the sales statistics of most industries, companies and professional service organiizations. Eighty percent of all products or services are sold by just 20 percent of the sales professionals in the United States and Canada. How does this rule effect the overall management of the selling process in your company or firm? Basically, Pareto's principle impacts your selling process in three key areas:

· Hiring The Right Sales People,
· Training Sales Team Members, and
· Coaching The Team To Higher Performance Levels

Almost all of the candidates that apply for sales positions today fall into the 80 percent group of sales or service industry professionals who produce only 20 percent of the sales. Therefore, when hiring, you must screen carefully to discover a candidate's selling skill potential, not just his or her past sales success levels. It is almost impossible to find and recruit sales professionals in the 20 percent bracket because employers do everything in their power to keep their top producers happy, so the turnover in Pareto's 20 percent bracket is extremely rare. Even if you find a "top gun" who is looking for a position, many organizations can't afford to bring one of these high priced professionals on board.

If finding one or two top producers is difficult, think how hard it is to recruit a team of these superstars. Therefore, you need to change your mindset to find candidates that have the potential to move into the top producer or rainmaker category and then train, coach and manage them until they produce at the level of the superstars in your industry or pro-fession.

Just "liking" a given candidate for a sales position can lead to long-term sales or business development failure. Read these articles;

To learn how to build a sales team where you no longer carry 80 percent of the team members. Where is it written that your company or profes-sional service firm must live with Pareto's Principle anyway.


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