Visual Science of Selling


Statistics state that 55% of people judgments are made based on what is seen visually, as opposed to 38% based on voice and the message you give. That means what you promote using images is the most important factor in making the right connection.

This observation makes the Internet the biggest opportunity to sell. It's been said that information is king, but in the world of the Internet, it's image. Here the visual presentations are the most usual method to promote your product/service. According to web development tools you have at your disposal photos, images, animations, movies to enhance your marketing strategies and create a professional sale system

There are thousands of authors out there teaching sales people on how to turn more prospects into customers, how to increase their sales, and convince people to buy. Almost all of their books state that creating an image of your product is the best thing you must do and this is nothing else but to recognize the importance of visual methods in sales process.

Here are some 'visual' tips that salespeople may use effectively in selling their products

  • Use images in your website. An image values more than a thousand words. Take care to not overload your web site with high tech gadgets. They can create a slow loading web page and distract people away from your offer.

  • Use text with descriptive terms and phrases in a manner that compel images in your customers, something like "see with your own eyes", "come and see our product", "red alert" and so on.

  • Make your prospects feel that they need the product, and help them visualize how much better their life will be after the purchase.

  • Get your visitors excited about your product by showing them how excited other people are about it. Tell them why they're excited and use images with satisfied people.

  • Keep people at your web site as long as possible. You may allow them to download for free e-books, movies, banners, signs and other visual materialsThese techniques are most effective when used in concert. They require effort and practice to be able to leverage their full potential, so take the time to study them. Apply these techniques to the weak areas and put the science of selling to work for you.


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