Instant Rapport: The Key to Sales Success


Rapport means harmony between people. When people share rapport, they speak the same language. When people don't have rapport, it is as if one person is speaking Greek and the other person is speaking Chinese. There is no common understanding.


Before we can try to talk about how we can satisfy our prospect's needs, we have to get him prepared to listen to us. We do this by getting him to trust us -- by developing rapport.


How do we develop rapport? Most independent insurance professionals realize that rapport is an important part of the sales process, so they try to develop rapport with their prospects before trying to "sell them." They try to establish a common bond by engaging in small talk. Unfortunately, only 7% of the words we use to communicate get through to others. However, 38% of our tonality and 55% of our physiology or body language are communicated very effectively.

Mirroring is very subtle. Wait several seconds before shifting your body to match your prospect. Mirroring is a continuous and fluid process so as your prospect moves around, you continue to change your body movements to remain in rapport. One word of caution -- don't mimic. If your prospect scratches her nose, don't follow or she may realize what you are doing and get very insulted.


Remember, 90% of the sales process is rapport. Use the technique of instant rapport and watch your closing ratio soar!


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