Customers - Always be Focused on Them


I was looking at some promotional literature and web sitesthe other day and it was interesting to note the number oftimes the words - "We" and "Our" was used in this material.

Lots of statements such as: "We are a leading supplier of__""Our products do__" "We research__" "We have 50 yearsexperience__" Very rarely did I read anything that statedwhat these businesses did for the customer. They were allfeatures rich and benefits poor.

It's not enough to tell the world how clever you are andexpect them to work out how they might be able to use yourproduct or service. You've got to tell potential customershow your products or your skills and expertise bringbenefits to them. Benefits such as - saving time - savingmoney or making their life easier. There needs to a lot moreuse of the word "you" or "your."

Use statements such as - "You will save x amount of moneydue to the research we do__" or "Your business will reducedowntime by y amount due to what we do__" or "You will feelconfident in our service due to our 50 years experience__"Of course it goes without saying that you need evidence toback up these statements.

Think about yourself as a customer and how impressed you arewith statements such as - "We provide a quality service" or"Our company has been in business since 1832" or "We workclosely with our customers"

So have a look at your promotional leaflets or your websiteand check if the wording is "customer" focussed or "you"focused.


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