Sales As A Positive Experience


No matter what your age or stage in life, some words come with preconceived meaning. "Sales" is one of them. For most people, it means being put in a position to have to buy something you don't want at a price you can't afford. Therefore, how do you conduct a critical element of the small business marketing process without incurring the negative impact of the word "sales"?

It starts with you. Check your own attitude about the word. What does "sales" mean to you? How do you feel when you're the one being sold? How much of that feeling do you transfer to the experience you're now being asked to conduct as a small business owner?

Next, putting aside any of your own negative feelings, what exactly are you offering your potential customers - what's in it for them? How you answer this question is the starting point for a "Positive Experience" for your potential customer. When a person really understands the pain you'll helped them relieve or the joy you'll help them experience as a result of your product or service, they'll see your "sales" process as a positive experience.

So, what's the lesson to be learned? Develop a positive, personal understanding about your own products and services. Determine what you're selling in terms of it's value to the potential customer. Present that value in a solutions manner. Result: you'll turn your sales process into a Positive Experience for both you and your customer.

"Learn & Do" Action Steps:

1. Write a 3 - 5 sentence description of how you feel when you're the customer?

2. Select the product or service you're most passionate about. List 5 incentives with matching features and benefits you feel have a high value to your customer.

3. Role play with a trusted friend the perfect, interactive presentation of the product or service you've selected.


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