Increase Your Selling Confidence


1. Be on time. In fact, arrive a few minutes early, so you can mentally prepare for your sales presentation. When you arrive on time, your professionalism shows your prospects that you value their time as well as your own.

2. Ask specific questions. Find out exactly what the prospect needs and wants from your company's product. If you get the details early, than you can avoid possible misunderstandings and delays later on.

3. Dress appropriately. Your first impression is extremely important, so always dress in a professional manner. A well dressed salesperson with good posture radiates professionalism and honesty. Since certain parts of the country are more relaxed in their style, know your regions style and dress according to it. You don't want to be ostentatious, just obviously successful.

4. Listen attentively. Listening is an all-important skill and salespeople often overlook this fact. Focus your attention on what the prospect says. Don't let your mind wander. Listen for subtle clues that may indicate your customer is ready to make the purchase.

5. Be concise. Use the "KISS" method. Keep It Short and Simple so your prospect can understand all aspects of your presentation. Use stories rather than lists or statistics to illustrate a point. Stories will help you hold your prospects attention.

6. Be enthusiastic. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm". Be visibly and verbally excited. Many people feel that they don't have anything in life to be enthusiastic about. Through your excitement, you can help them change their attitude. Enthusiasm is contagious!

7. Maintain eye contact. Eye contact is important for two reasons. First the eyes are an important channel of nonverbal communication that allow you to read your customer's true feelings. Second, if you maintain eye contact, your customer can gain greater trust. If you can't look them in the eyes, they may doubt your integrity.

8. Say "Thank You". These two simple words can bring dramatic results. They area sign of appreciation and your prospect will realize that you do value their business. Send a thank you note after the sales call. Show your prospect every common courtesy.

Follow these eight steps and watch your selling confidence and your sales soar higher than ever before!


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