Successful Selling in 21 Steps


1. Dependability was chosen as the most important.

2. Integrity was next. With this trait the salesman is incapable either of being false to the trust his company places in him or to the real interests of his customer.

3. Knowledge of product is one of the three fundamentals of success in the field of selling.

4. Self-management. Perhaps no vocation gives a man a greater degree of latitude. He must be a good "boss" for himself and exact a high degree of self-discipline.

5. Work organization is efficiency in self-management. Much of a salesman's time is wasted by the prospect. He must guard the balance jealously and make every minute count.

6. Sincerity excludes falsification of every shade. It must be real, few can "pretend" with success.

7. Initiative is the salesman's spark plug (Read Elbert Hubbard's little essay on this).

8. Industriousness is devotion to the job, never being unemployed during work hours (and never being "trifling" employed).

9. Acceptance of responsibility, for the car, for the sales material, records, samples and above all for the company's good name and the customer's good will.

10. Understanding of buyer motives, this being another of the big three fundamentals of selling.

11. Sales ethics. No longer is the slogan caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) but caveat venditor (let the seller beware).

12. Judgment is not inherited. It can be developed as a habit. Logic is a subject that should be a "must" for salesmen.

13. Care of health, mental, physical, spiritual, financial.

14. Courtesy is more than politeness. It is consideration for others, deference to their opinions, their rank, their sex, their age.

15. Determination is a dogged adherence to a carefully worked out and settled program and purpose (The will to carry through and the unwillingness to compromise with anything less than your best performance).16. Aggressiveness requires self-confidence and the language of assurance in all interviews. It is pressure applied without offensiveness.

17. Friendliness involves warmth of feeling, a positive type of cordiality that does not involve back-slapping or wise-cracking.

18. Resourcefulness is that without which-few sales. Wide knowledge, curiosity, retentive memory, wide-awake ness. Quick thinking in the clinches.

19. Persuasiveness goes beyond the realm of reasoning, an appeal to feelings, desires, and emotions.

20. Appreciation of selling as a profession and as the road to personal success.

21. Awareness of the fact that the field of "distribution" offers more in money, satisfactions, opportunity for service, and personal growth in all of the inner virtues and faculties than any other calling, especially more than anything in the field of "production."


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