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In my youth I landed a job selling encyclopedias door to door. I worked for commissions. If I didn't sell anything, I didn't get paid. Trying to sell a high ticket item such as encyclopedias door to door was no small task as you might imagine.

I was desperate to make a sale and I'm sure my desperation showed in my rehearsed sales presentation. I told my potential prospects all about the features of the item, but I didn't tell them how the product could benefit them specifically. Needless to say, by using these sales tactics, I didn't sell one set of encyclopedias.

Your potential prospect is only interested in what the product, or service can do for them. Sure they're interested in the features, but how will those features "serve them?"

The harder you try to sell the less interest your potential prospect will have in your proposition.

They will see your desperation and think..."They're not interested in helping me; they're just trying to make a sale." Show your potential customer "what's in it for them."

Unless you let your potential prospect know how the product benefits them they will be ready to say "NO" before you have a chance to finish your sales presentation.

The 5 fundamental "states of mind" in selling.

First you have to get your potential prospect curious about how your product, or service will benefit them.

Next you have to get your potential prospect interested in knowing more about the product, or service.

You have to convince your potential prospect that your product, or service is something they need and want.

You have to create the desire in your potential prospect to own 'it', or to be a part of 'it'.

Decision and Action:
You have to get them to make a decision. You have to get them to take action.

Is it possible to get people to buy without selling?

It sure is. Study your target market. What is there about your product, or service that will appeal to "them?" Just because you are interested in a particular feature pertaining to your product, or service doesn't mean your potential prospect feels the same way about it. Look at it from their viewpoint.

Does your potential prospect want to resell your goods, or service for a profit? Are they going to use your goods, or service for their comfort? Will it save them time and energy? Will it save them money? Will it make them look and feel younger? Will it improve their health? Will it make doing their chores easier? Find out what your prospects main interest is in your goods, or service then concentrate on telling them how that aspect will benefit them.

Take the vacuum cleaner salesman.

"Mrs. Howard, how do you normally clean your carpets?"

Mrs. Howard:

"I use a broom. That's been getting the dirt out pretty well, but it's very tiring."

"Mrs. Howard, although you get some of the dirt and dust off the surface of the carpet with your broom, you don't get it "out" of your carpet. Do you know how much dust and dirt you sweep into your carpet everyday? When it gets walked on the dust and dirt is trampled into the fibers and in time the dust and dirt wears and ruins the fibers of the carpet.

Our power vacuum cleaner will not only get the dirt and dust off the surface of your carpet like a broom does, but it will clean deep down into the pile, loosening and sucking out the dirt and dust that's been embedded in the fibers. This will prolong the life of your carpet saving you the expense of buying a new one.

And when you use a broom a lot of dust and dirt is moved into the air. This dust and dirt not only finds it's way onto your furniture and drapery, but into your lungs as well. By using our power vacuum cleaner the air in your home will be healthier and everything will remain cleaner because unlike using a broom the dust and dirt isn't moved into the air, it's sucked into our power vacuum cleaner. Our machine is also lightweight, so it's easy to handle. It glides across the floor effortlessly (he demonstrates the movement of the vacuum cleaner across the floor). You won't have to work hard every day to get out the dirt and dust like you did when you were using your broom. This power vacuum cleaner gets the job done fast and easy."

Mrs. Howard:
"How much does it cost?"

"I can let you have it for 12 easy payments of $43.25. Your total cost is just $519.00."

Mrs. Howard:
"Oh yes, I need one of these. Do I give you the $43.25 now, or do you bill me?"

"We can start you off right now, that way your first month will be already paid for. Your next payment will be due 30 days from now and every 30 days from that until paid off."

(The salesman closes the sale.)

Mrs. Howard purchased the vacuum cleaner from the salesman because the salesman told her how she could benefit from such a purchase.

And when the salesman was telling Mrs. Howard about the vacuum cleaner they didn't seem desparate to make the sale. They were speaking to her like a good friend would when they give advice. They were simply giving her some facts to help her make a "buying decision."

When you make your potential prospect realize that the benefits from purchasing the product or service is worth more to them than the money it costs, they'll be willing to pay the price you ask. You'll get them to buy without selling them anything because the product, if it has good benefits for the prospect, will sell itself. Here are the qualities you should look for in a product you sell direct:

*It should be an item that has broad market appeal. An item every man and woman can use and need right now.

*A quick and easy demonstrator.

*Sells at a price everybody can afford.

*You should be able to purchase it at rock bottom so you can make big full profit on every sale.

*And it should be a product the customer comes back and buys again and again.

With these elements in place you will have a product that sells itself. And by putting the needs of your customers first, you will get repeat requests for your product or service without selling.

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