The Art of Backend Selling


The art of backend selling

The backend sale can be more rewarding thanthe original sale. And it can also be mucheasier.

What exactly is a backend sale? After you have sold something to somebodyyou are in an excellent position to sell themsomething else which complements the first sale. You already know the customer has an interestin a certain type of product or service, sothey are prequalified leads for a backend sale. Take a store selling fishing tackle, as theyhave just sold you a rod, reel, and line theyknow you are going fishing, so they also offeryou the bait you will need.

The customer who has just bought is also in a buying mood, and has his wallet, credit cardor cash out. While he/she is there, there isa good chance they will be open to another purchase from you, as they already trustedyou once.

Here is a story of a backend sale I once hadwhich illustrates how it can work for you. I had a customer purchase a membership toa safelist I was running, but he then decidedthat it didn't work for him. He requested hismoney back, which I happily supplied, but addedto the end of the email that he may like to trya different way of advertising, and I was an affiliate for a company which could offer himan alternative. I received an affiliate paymentfor 50% of a $60 sale, on the back of returningthe $5 membership fee. Now that was good enough for me to realise thevalue in the backend sale.

Try it out for yourself, on your thank you pageadd a link to a complementary product yourcustomer can purchase on his way off your site. Your bank manager will love you for it.


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