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Who's talking to your customers? Is it your competition? Why or why not? When you stop to think about it, these are valid questions. Most people rely on some sort of clientele for their business, and can improve on customer relations. A more holistic approach to this process incorporates the more global question:

How can I create customers for life?

Closely intermingled with planned and continued communications with clients relating to specific products or services is the concept of "relationship marketing." This involves keeping informed about some aspect of the client's personal life, perhaps sending greetings on special occasions, for instance. Popular businessman and author, Harvey Mackay, has incorporated the "Mackay 66" in his business. This is a comprehensive, detailed information sheet about clients that incorporates everything from anniversary dates to birthdates of the client's children.

The list contains his clients' business and personal data. Mackay attributes much of his success and that of his organization to the concept of taking a very personal interest in his clients' lives and interests. He also has developed very close and enduring friendships with his clients that are personally gratifying.

Finally, the concept of continued solicitations for referrals is important to people who produce at a high level. An old saying goes, "ask and you shall receive." While one may have very satisfied clients, a referral is many more times likely if it is kindly requested. Most of the high producing people in any field can completely relate to this. Even satisfied clients need to be approached to get referrals. If you're not asking your clients for referrals, your competition may be!

High-producing people will testify to the effectiveness of getting to know their clients. Also, high producers remind clients of a job well done by staying in touch and by asking for continued business. If you're honest, and good at what you do, you owe your clients and their possible referrals no less.

Set aside some time to plan and make it a priority. Otherwise, it will be one more important idea that is sidestepped by the urgent activities of life.


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