The Clock is Ticking on Your Leads


Every day is critical when you are in the business of sales. That lead you receive today could very easily be gone tomorrow.

It is very important to act on your lead the very second you get it, not an hour later, or a few days later.

The second it is in one hand, the next hand should be dialing the phone.

Too often leads and referrals are taken for granted, sales people assume that because someone gave them a lead, that it is exclusive to only them. It is not, at any time one of your competitors can call that person and offer them a better price or a better service.

I once worked with a guy in the mortgage industry. He received a lead from someone in his networking group on a Wednesday. He called the lead the very minute he got back to his office, and he was on his way to building a very nice relationship with her. By Thursday the two of them had come to a decision on a rate and product for her home that she was refinancing. Everything was moving along nicely.

Or so it seemed.

When he called her on Monday to follow up, it turned out that she was working with another loan officer, and would no longer be needing any of my co-worker's services.

As it turned out, his customer was at a family reunion over the weekend. While making small talk, she mentioned that she was in the process of refinancing her home.

One of her third cousins just so happened to be present at this conversation, and subsequently chimed in when he heard the word refinance.

He proceeded to tell her that he was a loan officer and that if she allowed him an opportunity, he could most likely get her a better rate. After some more small talk, she decided that since she was only three days into the process of refinancing with someone else, that it wouldn't hurt to give someone in her family an opportunity to do business with her.

So much for my co-workers loan.

So keep this in mind the next time you receive a lead. It is not a given. Give your leads the same amount of attention as you would give a customer you worked your tail off to get, or one with a high profile.

Keep in mind, every time you make contact with your customer, you are building a rapport with them, and strengthening the relationship you have with them. The more they speak with you the more they will get to know you and trust you.

It doesn't matter if the lead is from a friend or a family member. If your customer can get a better deal with someone else, nine times out of ten, they will take the better deal.

So call your leads as soon as you get them, give them exemplary customer service, be accessible at all times to answer their questions, and keep things moving. And remember, the clock is ticking on your leads.


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