Increase Your Sales Without Spending Another Cent


Many home business owners lament they don't have enough cash to pay for online advertising to propel their business forward. Before slipping down this foolhardy slope, make sure you are being the best you can be and doing the best with what you already have.

By ensuring you have the following attitudes and personal behaviors it is possible to increase your retail sales without spending another cent!

1. Stop thinking about making a sale. Would you respond negatively to someone who genuinely cares about helping you find a solution to a problem? Probably not. Your prospects are the same. Stop looking to make a sale, and start looking for people who have a problem that your product can fix. Once you have found them, still don't think about the sale but rather concentrate on helping solve their problem. The sales will follow.

2. Care for people more than caring to take their money. Call your customers regularly to see if they are getting the results they hoped for from their products. If there are minor problems you can fix them before they turn into something major. Don't let your primary reason for calling be to ask for a reorder.

4. Teach your customers to shift their current spending to your products. You can do this with practically any product range. If your prospect has a need it is likely they have tried something else to fulfil that need. If it hasn't worked, they are probably still spending hard earned money trying to solve the problem. Once you have discovered this it is not difficult to show your prospect how to channel that money into a better solution. If you offer a money back guarantee, then the customer has nothing to lose in purchasing your products.

5. Build your own list of testimonies. Bulletproof your confidence by building a continual and endless supply of testimonies about your products. Everyone has an opinion but it does not mean they are right! Be strong enough to be gentle and withstand people's criticism. If you have a strong personal product result AND you have heard other people's product results you will quickly reject any criticism of the products, as you KNOW they work well. Don't dwell on it, move on and don't allow this to affect your thinking.

6. Work harder on yourself than on your business. Many people try to control results without looking at the underlying chain reaction that leads to results. That is: thinking, feelings, activity, habits and then results - in that order. If there is something wrong with your sales volume then very likely you have something wrong with your thinking. Stinking thinking will lead to bad feelings, less activity, certainly you won't develop successful habits and your results will be less than spectacular. This is the hardest, yet most important part of your sales process. To change your results you will need to identify where you are letting yourself down with your thinking, then be honest with yourself and fix it! Then watch your business grow.

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